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  Athana Products

ATHANA International, Inc.: We supply a full range of Magnetic Media Products, Computer Accessories, Compact Disk, Rigid Disk (Disk Pack and Disk Cartridge) Products. Duplicators, Degaussers, Certifiers and Media Testing and Processing Equipment is also part of our offering. On the Service side we offer Duplication and Replication Service for Diskettes and Recordable Compact Disks, Media Services including data recovery, cleaning, erasing, degaussing, testing and destruction.

Athana International is an Authorized Federal Supplier. For GSA Information go to the GSA Page.

ATHANA's Current Product Range Includes:

  • Diskettes:
    • 3.5" DD, HD, ED
    • 5.25" DD, HD
    • 8" SD, DD
  • Diskette & Compact Disc Duplication
  • Media Data & Disaster Recovery
  • Media Testing, Cleaning & Degaussing/Erasing
  • Degaussing Equipment
  • Media Cleaning & Testing Equipment
  • Duplication Equipment
  • Quarter-Inch Data Cartridges
  • Quarter-Inch Mini Cartridges
  • 4mm & 8mm Helical Scan Data Cartridges
  • DLT Cartridges
  • Optical Media & Accessories
  • Magnetic Head Cleaning Supplies
  • Reel-to-Reel Tape
  • Disk Packs
  • Disk Cartridges

ATHANA's products are made with pride in the U.S., and distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Every ATHANA product is fully guaranteed to perform at, or better than, the published industry standards.

ATHANA's Goal:  Zero Defects!

Please read " An Introduction to ATHANA" for more information on our corporate philosophy, history, policies, and practices.

Email us at:


Athana International, Inc.
12265 Bayside Oaks Street
Lillian, AL 36549, U.S.A.

or Call:

Phone: 310-539-7280


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