Copydisk AutoPrinter

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  • Batch Printing for Multiple Images and Jobs
  • 150 CD Capacity
  • 300 DPI Print Resolution
  • Unattended Standalone Operation

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Automatically print up to 75 CD-Rs an hour!
The new CopyDisc Autoprinter AP from Athana utilizes the proven technology of the Rimage Perfect Image Thermal Printer for color high resolution text and graphics and the Athana range of CopyDisc automatic duplicators.

The CopyDisc Autoprinter includes a Rimage Thermal Printer, and for ease of use a 100 MBytes Zip drive for image transfer. The CopyDisc Autoprinter is standalone, no PC is required for operation, simply create your image, transfer to a Zip disc, insert in the Zip drive and select the image. The easy to use integral control panel allows you to select the quantity to be printed and multiple jobs can be queued for batch production.

The low cost thermal ribbon can produce 500 color images or using a single color ribbon 1500 mono images can be produced. With a printing speed of around 50 seconds per disc (depending on image resolution and printer mode) the CopyDisc Autoprinter can produce approximately 150 discs in 2 hours.

APT-02 System Specs

CopyDisk AutoPrinter

  • 150 CDr's Capacity
  • 100 MB ZIP Disk Drive
  • Batch mode multiple Mode printing
  • 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz operation
  • Weight: 25 Kg without printer
  • Dimensions; 20.5" (H) x 18.5" (W) x 31"(D)

Rimage Thermal Printer

Print Modes:

Full color or one color

Print Quality:

300 DPI

Print Area:

4.5" (115mm)

Media Type:

Standard CD-R for monoprint, Thermal printable for color.

Ribbon Color:

YMC paneled ribbon or one color ribbon

Ribbon Capacity:

500 CDs in color mode, 1500 in mono

Design Editor:

PerfectImage(R) CD Designer for MS Windows


1 Year

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