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Athana's Professional 8-Bay Duplicators

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Burn up to 96 CDs an hour!
Athana's 8 and 5-Bay CD Duplicators are complete and incredibly easy-to-use duplication systems. Complete in one durable, upgradable and easily expandable and attractive unit everything you need to put high performance duplication at your fingertips. Easy and powerful firmware allows complete control to perform amazing tasks like duping multiple jobs at the same time. No other duplication systems can match Athana's price, performance and reliability. Check out all the features and their performance specifications:

  • High-speed 16x CD recorder
  • Configurable with 1 drive for later upgrade
  • Duplicate up to 96 full-length CDs per hour
  • Record virtually any data, audio, hybrid or multimedia CD format
  • Complete stand-alone systems, no computer required
  • Easy operation allows complete duplication with the press of a button
  • Burn CDs from the internal hard drive or from source CDs
  • Slave configuration allows for additional duplicators
  • Advanced CD recording firmware for a full range of duplication options
Download the Specifications in Pdf format (51 KB)

KC0501, KC0801 System Specs

Supported Formats:

  • LCD front panel and easy to use push button controls
  • Duplicates most major CD formats: CD-ROM, ISO 9660, Mixed Mode, Mac, CD-XA, CD-DA, Photo CDs, Audio CDs, CD+G, Video CDs and even mixed Multi Session CDs.
  • Automatically decodes format type and configures the CDR or CDR/W for the proper format
  • Convenient and intuitive user interface for simple setup and operation
  • Supports Disk at Once, Track at Once, plus support for most popular formats
  • Extracts Audio tracks independently to hard drive by using the audio extract feature.
  • Copy directly from hard disk to CD-R
  • Creates a CD from an imported image file generated by another application

Power Supply(s):

Power Consumption: 300W

Power Source: 115V/230V switchable 50~60Hz

Data Capacity:

650MB (74min disc), 550MB (63min disc)


24" H x 7.5" W x 22.5" L

Case Material:

Solid steel, fully welded


60 lbs.


1 Year


40°-95°F (5°-35°C)

Drive Specs

CD Drives:

Up to 8 High speed SCSI 16X CD-R Recorders

Hard Drive:

10 GB


Fast SCSI 2

Disc Type:

8cm/12cm; audio CD; CD-ROM Mode 1; Mode 2 (Form 1, Form 2); XA Ready; Video CD; CDI; Multi Session Photo CD

Disk Loading:

Power Tray (Caddy not required)

Access Speed:

175ms typ.


50,000 POH


Options Include:

  • 12X drives
  • CD audio capture and playback
  • Larger hard drive
  • CD ROM instead of or in addition to Hard Drive for direct coying
  • Systems can be configured with 1 writer for later upgrade
  • Slave System with 8 drives

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