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SV5000 High Energy Conveyor Degausser

NATO Approved:

The SV5000 has been developed for the high energy tape user who requires a unit to erase both metal particle tape cassettes and oxide tape on reels. Capable of handling 500 cassettes per hour, the SV5000 has an erase level in excess of -75dB for 1500 oe media and -90dB for 750 oe media. The conveyor system eraser provides an economical, fast and efficient method of erasing all forms of magnetic media.

This machine is NATO approved. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has approved the SV5000 High Energy Conveyor Degausser for security applications. The NATO stock numbers are as follows: 7035-99-835-7729 at 208/220 VAC and 7035-99-215-6489 at 220/240 VAC.

The machine's voltage is 240/220 VAC; 50 Hz or 208/220 VAC; 60 Hz with a current of up to 20 amps.



Media Erased:


Purchase Price $9,899.00
Shipping Quote
Gauss 4000
Erasure -90dB
Duty Cycle 50%
Throughput 500
Belt Speed 10 ips


31.5 inches

800 mm


27.5 inches

700 mm


19.2 inches

490 mm


178 lbs

80 kg


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