Degausser Declassification Systems
Model V84 Degausser/Eraser System


Athana Model V84

Your first defense in floppy diskette and data cartridge control is the ATHANA Model V84 Degausser/Eraser.

CCompletely degausses ZIP 100 Mb. & 250 Mb., Travan TR-4 (4/8 Gig.) TR-3, TR-1, 4 & 8 mm. DLT, all 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" Floppys, 120 Mb. Super Floppy, Jaz 1 & 2 Gig. disks. RDAT 4 & 8 mm, all Phillips-type cassettes, CLIK disks, Magnus 1/4" carts, Std. 1/4" data carts, and any type I,II or III media less than 1.00 thick by 6.00" wide.

The ATHANA V84 is a safe, shielded device. Unlike other degaussers with "bare" magnets, the V84 cannot accidentally ruin other magnetic media that may be near. The V84 does not require a skilled operator to insure proper declassification of the target data. A simple pass through the V84 aperture insures complete, effective erasure

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The Athana V84 is manufactured to the requirements of, and meet or exceed DOD standards for, CD or magnetic data destruction devices.

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Technical Data for Model V84 Degausser/Eraser

Case Material: Tempered Steel
Color: Bone
Size: 8-1/4 x 3-1/2 x 7-1/2"
Weight: 10 lbs.
Media Capacity: Up to 6" wide, up to 1" thick
Power Req.: None- Fixed High Energy Magnetic Circuit
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Magnetic Performance Data:
Actual gap dim: 1.125"
Peak flux at gap: 18 Kilo Gauss Transverse
Min. flux at gap: 6 Kilo Gauss Longitudinal
Avg. flux outside case: Less than 5 Gauss
Max. flux outside case: Less than 10 Gauss
Erasure level:

-90 Db. or Better
coercivity (Type III Density) below peak write level

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Model V84 Cart/Disk Degausser/Eraser unit cost: $3995.00 USD
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Harbor City CA 90710
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