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HDTD-8800 Super Power Hard Drive, Laptop and Media Degausser

  • New security and privacy mandates require complete erasure of media containing customer and employee information before media is re-used or disposed. Degaussing is the most reliable and quickest way of meeting these requirements. (NIST Guidelines, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act)

  • Complies with GLB Act and HIPAA Mandates for magnetic media reuse and disposal.

  • Erases up to six Hard Drives, up to 6 Tape Cartridges like DLTs, LTOs, SDLT, SDLT-II and complete Laptops or Hot Swappable Hard Drives in its extra large chamber.

  • The HDTD-8800 will erase any format of magnetic media up to 2½" high, 14" in length and 12½" in width, including laptop computers and large bundles of ZIP, JAZZ and Data Cartridges, Diskettes and the like.

The HDTD-8800 is a large capacity Hard Drive and Tape Degausser capable of erasing Laptop Computers and hot swappable hard drives with mounting hardware attached.

In addition, the HDTD-8800's large capacity allows the erasure of up to 6 hard drives, 6 DLT's (SDLT, SDLT-600, LTO's), or several large tape reels at one time.

The HDTD-8800 has an Erase Field of 9000 Oersteds/Gauss and is designed to permanently eliminate data contained on Hard Drives, Laptop Computers, Tape Cartridges and Tape Reels.

The HDTD-8800 erases all media formats and sizes. The large opening of the HDTD-8800 allows it to erase up to six (6) hard drives or six (6) DLT, SDLT or SDLT II media at one time. The HDTD-8800 will erase any format of magnetic media up to 2½" high, 14" in length and 12½" in width, including laptop computers.

Operation is easy. The convenient large tray design makes it easy to erase a broad range of hard drive and tape formats. No need for special adapters when using different media, just open the drawer, place the media to be degaussed in the drawer, and push the "Erase" button. Two minutes later, all of the data will be completely erased, and the media can be re-used or safely disposed.

The HDTD-8800 conveniently operates on standard wall voltages and can be easily moved as it comes standard with casters.

Media Erased:

  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Zip Drive
  • Jazz Drive
  • Floppy Disks
  • TK50, TK70
  • 3480, 3490E
  • SLR1, SLR2, TR-1, DC2120, DC6150, DC6525
  • SLR3, SLR4, SLR 5, TR-3, DC9100, DC9120, SLR24, SLR32,
  • ADR30 , ADR50, ADR2-120
  • TR-5, SLR40, SLR50, SLR60, SLR100
  • TR-7 (Travan 40 GB), SLR75, SLR140
  • DLT Tape III, DLT Tape IIIXT
  • DLT Tape IV, DLT Tape VS1
  • Super DLT Tape I
  • Super DLT Tape II
  • D8: 8mm 112m, 8mm 160m
  • DDS1: 4mm 60m, 4mm 90m
  • DDS2 4mm 120m
  • DDS3 4mm 125m
  • DDS4 4mm 150m, DAT-72 4mm 170m
  • DTF-1 small/large
  • DTF-2 small/large
  • Redwood SD-3
  • Magstar MP: 3570-B, 3570-C, 3570-C/XL
  • Magstar: 3590, 3590-E
  • Enterprise 3592
  • STK-9840, STK-T9940
  • LTO-Ultrium1
  • LTO-Ultrium2
  • LTO-Ultrium3
  • Mammoth 8mm, AIT-1 8mm, VXA-1 8mm
  • AIT-2 8mm, AIT-3 8mm
  • S-AIT-1 ½", AIT-4 8mm
  • M2 Mammoth2 8mm, VXA-2 8mm 230m


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