Athana International

Model 200 Office Disintegrator/Shredder 

Department of Defense Approved

Model 200 Office Disintegrator with external vacuum collection

Model 200 Office Disintegrator with vacuum enclosure

Model DS-200 Office Disintegrator with built in pre-shredder and vacuum enclosure

The Model 200 comes in 3 versions matching all possible requirements. For more detailed specifications click on the links above. It is a high security Data Shredder/Disintegrator that safely, efficiently and quietly destroys all kinds of materials that carry sensitive data:

  • All types of paper
  • Credit Cards
  • Company I.D. badges
  • Audio tapes and cassettes
  • Floppy disk
  • CD-Rom/DVD
  • Plastic Credit Cards
  • View Graphs
  • Microfilm
  • 4mm and 8mm cassettes
  • Currency
  • Books and Manuals
  • Securities, Stocks and Bonds

It is the only disintegrator designed to plug into a 115V standard wall outlet.This maximum security shredder is approved by the Department of Defense and meets all government security regulations. The final random waste particle size is less than 3/32" which exceeds all DoD requirements including COMSEC and SCI for all paper applications. The resulting waste particle size is over 50% smaller than on conventional high security shredders.


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