Athana International
Automatic 3.5" Diskette De-Labeller
In response to the demand by the diskette recycling industry Athana has developed an automatic diskette de-labeller, the DLAB 310 featuring a fully automatic method of de-labelling 3.5,' diskettes. The DLAB 310 is a stand alone unit that is capable of de-labelling over 1500 diskettes per hour, large capacity feed hoppers automatically dispense disks onto the special heated conveyor belt. The labels are removed from the diskette in one easy operation, using a unique vacuum system that ensures there is no damage to the diskette. The stripped diskettes are then deposited into the large capacity collection hopper and are ready for further processing.

The DLAB 310 is the only fully automatic diskette de-labelling system available today.

  • Fully automatic de-labeling
  • Conveyor operated
  • Large capacity feed and collection hoppers
  • Variable heat control

High Speed 3.5" Diskette Labeller

Hopper Capacity 280 x 3.5" diskettes
Throughput 1500 disks per hour
Operational Voltages 230v 50 Hz
  115v 60 Hz
Current 10 amps - 50 Hz
  20 amps - 60 Hz
Duty Cycle Continuous
Dimensions (without hoppers)
Height: (270mm) 10.8"
Width: (320mm) 12.8"
Length: (1,380mm) 54.3"
Max Dimensions (including hoppers)
Height: (1,400mm) 55.1"
Width: (320mm) 12.8"
Length: (1,750mm) 68.9"
Weight 40 KG


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