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DLT Cartridge Certifier 



The DLT Certifier system is an outstanding DLT cartridge certification system to test and certify DLT cartridges by evaluating and recording media defects. DLT I, DLT II, DLT III, and DLT IV cartridges are supported. The certifier incorporates a ten cartridge autoloader processor and a separate control panel cabinet to enable the user to process and record a large amount of media information without remaining at the machine. The machine cleans at 200 ips and certifies at 120 ips with automatic tape tension adjustments.

Certification Method and Features:

The basic certification of the tape cartridge is completed in one pass. The tape is automatically extracted from the cartridge, wrapped around four automatically advancing cleaning tissues, cleaned by a sapphire blade, and magnetically tested. A one MHz signal is electronically written across the full width of the tape. The tape is read by an in-line, multi-track longintudinal read head to detect any signal absence on the tape, thereby detecting magnetic defects in the tape. The tape speed is reduced to 120 ips during the testing cycle, and defect locations are stored in RAM for later examination--either on the control panel or on a printed defect report.


  • Processes DLT I, DLT II, DLT III and DLT IV tape cartridges
  • Drive speed: 200 ips cleaning, 120 ips certifying.
  • 10 cartridge autoloader
  • Four Fabric Cleaning Tissues
  • Bi-Directional sapphire Cleaning Blade
  • Tissue cassette simple to replace
  • Performance displayed on PC Screen.
  • Drive status display provided on a back-lit, two line, 40 character LCD screen.
  • Tape drive with brushless DC motors and air bearing tape path.
  • Compact design with proven, reliable robotics
  • RS232 based PC interface for reports and analysis


  • Corporate Computer Data Center
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Security Sites
  • Military Data Centers
  • Repair Facilities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Media Reprocessors
  • Archival storage companies


Drive Speed

200 ips (inches per second) cleaning, 120 ips certification.


15 cartridges/hour

Operating Modes

  • Clean Only
  • Clean and test
  • Test Only

Controls and Displays

  • Temporary errors
  • Permanent errors
  • Error Correction Codes Provided per ANSI specifications by track
  • User selectable threshold provided
  • RS232 PC Interface

Physical Characteristics


20" (510mm) W x 24.00" (610 mm) H x 29" (740 mm) D


51 lbs. / 23 Kg (approx.), Shipping weight: 65 lbs. (approx.)

Operating Conditions


100 to 280 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, single phase power source

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