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DLTa Cartridge Cleaner/Inspector 



Digital Linear Tape cartridges, like all magnetic media, requires periodic cleaning and retensioning. The new DLT Cleaner/Inspector removes surface debris and dust which interferes with proper head/tape contact and optically scans the tape. The machine accepts all DLT tape cartridges including the newer 8000 series except SDLT.

Cleaning Method and Features:

In one cycle the tape is automatically extracted from the cartridge, wrapped around four (4) automatically advancing tissue stations, cleaned by a sapphire blade (if engaged), optically inspected and then ejected. The automatically advancing cleaning tissues are made of non-shedding nylon material that are placed such that both the oxide and back sides of the tape are cleaned, both upstream and downstream of the sapphire cleaning blade. The cleaning blade, which burnishes the tape, is a precise bi-directional double-edged sapphire blade designed to remove debris adhered to the tape. The Optical Scanning feature allows you to purge your library of defective cartridges. The optical scanner detects edge damage and tape deformities, such as creases and folds. An indicator on the control panel is provided that counts and displays the number of defects in the tape. After the tape has been cleaned/inspected, an UP and DOWN scan feature indicates the location of each defect that occurred. A print out option can also be added to allow the operator to have a hard copy of the scan information for each tape. An Erase (E) option is also available that allows the operator to erase unneeded data from the tape, eliminating the need for expensive degaussers. Once cleaned, scanned and erased, the tape can be used with the assurance and reliability you look for in a new tape.

Retensioning Method:

The machine drive exactly duplicates the tape drive used in your library. Winding; and rewinding the tape in one continuous pass restores the cartridge tension in its original, condition.

New Autoloader:

The Autoloader option allows the user to process a magazine of ten (10) DLT cartridges at a time for hands-off operation. This option gives the operator a simple PASS/FAIL indicator for each cartridge so that when a magazine of 10 cartridges is completed the status of each cartridge is clearly displayed.


  • Processes DLT 2000, DLT2000XL, DLT 4000, DLT7000 and DLT 8000 tape
  • Tissue Cartridge automatically cleans both sides of tape
  • 10 cartridc autoloader
  • Automatically retensions tape to industry standards.
  • 16 Character operator display
  • Tissue cassette simple to replace
  • Measures and displays tape length
  • Optical scanner checks tape for physical defects
  • Ionizer eliminates static on media
  • Microprocessor controlled speed and tension
  • Compact design with proven, reliable robotics


  • Internet Server Installations
  • Data Processing Centers
  • Tape Rcyclers
  • Seismic Industry
  • Oil and Gas drillers
  • Government organizations
  • Military Organizations

Media Processed:

  • DLT 2000 tape
  • DLT 2000XL tape
  • DLT 4000 tape
  • DLT 7000 tape
  • DLT 8000 tape
  • TK80 tape
  • TK85 (DLT III) tape
  • TK87 (DLT III XL) tape
  • TK 88 (DLT IV) tape


Drive Speed

200 ips (inches per second)

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (Cleaner only)

15.125" (384 mm) W x 7.00" (178 mm) H x 13.50" (343 mm) D

Dimensions (Autoloader)

7.00" (178 mm) W x 5.25" (133 mm) H x 10.50" (267 mm) D

Note: Does not include magazine or magazine stop.


32 lbs. (approx.), Shipping weight: 40 lbs. (approx.)

With Autoloader: 40 lbs. (approx.), Shipping weight: 55 lbs. (approx.)

Operating Environment

Temperature Range

12° C to 27° C

Humidity Range

30% to 70% non-condensing


7,500 feet


90 days, part & labor Return to factory


110 to 240 VAC, 48 to 62 Hz, single phase power source

Ordering Information


Single Load DLT Cleaner/Inspector


DLTa-I with 10 Cartridge Autoloader Option

Available Options

AA Audible Alarm (Indicates Eject and End of Cleaning Tissue)
C   RS232 Serial Printer Interface
P   Serial Printer (Table top) (for use with C option)
E   Erase (Full Width)
II   Autoloader
M   Magazine for Autoloader (extra)

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