Athana International
High Speed 3.5" Diskette Labeller
The LAB300 has been specifically designed to provide a high speed labelling machine that offers reliability, precision and ease of operation. The LAB300 places and positions, perfectly aligning labels from reels or fan folded formats onto diskettes at a rate approaching 7,000 per hour. A number of refined features add to the integrity of the process, for example an optional facility provides an automatic stop after every 25 diskettes have been labelled. The feed hopper accommodates up to 100 diskettes and the unit can be easily transported and quickly set up in an alternative location.
  • Ultra Fast
    Up to 6,800 labels per hour
  • Ulta Precise
    Perfect alignment of each label
  • Easy to operate
    Can be quckly set up
  • Adaptable
    Accepts labels in reels or in
    continuous fanfold format

Automatic 3.5" Diskette De-Labeller

Hopper Capacity 100 x 3.5" diskettes
Throughput 6800 disks per hour
Operational Voltages 230v 50 Hz
  115v 60 Hz
Reel Size Up to 350mm
Automatic Stop After 25 disks
Counter Up to 9,999
Duty Cycle Continuous
Height: (790mm) 31.0"
Width: (542mm) 14.7"
Depth: (375mm) 14.7"
Weight (27 kg) 59.4 lbs.


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