Athana International

PF 250 Professional Degausser

(115 VAC; 50/60 Hz)

The model PF 250 Professional is the most inexpensive professional degausser available. Users and processors all over the world rely on these cost effective, money saving degaussers. Data processing centers are finding media costs cut in half by reusing their current stock. Q.A. managers and software duplicators are finding much higher yields in their finished products and programs after degaussing the media.

Normal operation is represented by a duty cycle of four minutes on from a cold start, then 15 minutes off, and two minutes on.



Media Erased:

Does not erase DLT or 8 mm DAT cartridges!


Purchase Price $550.00
Shipping $19.95
Gauss 3000


11.25 inches

286 mm


9.5 inches

241 mm


8.75 inches

222 mm


11 lbs

5 kg


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