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  1. Degaussing reduces exposure to compromise or classified data.

  2. Degaussing allows the shipment of tape resources from classified to unclassified sites and throughout projects.

  3. Degaussing eliminates the time and labor resources required to destroy magnetic media, either by stripping and shredding. or burning.

  4. Degaussing allows the declassification of selected media, significantly reducing storage costs.

  5. Destroying magnetic media through incineration releases toxic fumes hazardous to the user as well as the environment.

  6. Tapes that previously had to be destroyed due to project completion. can now be recycled at significant cost savings..

  7. Degaussing extends the life of tape by preventing recorders from rejecting the tape due to resident data.

  8. Degaussing is approved by the DOD, DIA, DIS, DOE, DOS and is uniformly administered for use under National Security Agency guidance.

  9. The DOD pretests and approves all units to adhere to a standard which precludes the accidental compromise of your information.

  10. Degaussing allows rigid media to be remanufactured without voiding the original warranty.


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