V100 Continuous Duty High Energy Degausser

The V100 Continuous High Energy Degausser is a powerful degausser designed to meet the requirements of the high-volume user interested in erasing high coercivity metal tapes, such as Betacam SP, MII and DAT.

This conveyor belt unit runs continuously and with one pass gives erasure figures in excess of -75dB on 1500 oersted tape. Cassettes can be fed manually or with an optional hopper at a rate of over 1300 cassettes per hour. The V100 is capable of handling all compact media from floppy discs to high energy cassettes. The V100 is today's most efficient high energy degausser. The power on this machine is either 240/220 VAC; 50 Hz or 220/208 VAC; 60 Hz and the current is up to 30 amps.


  • Continuous duty cycle
  • Fast one-pass operation
  • Erases metal and oxide tapes
  • BI-AXIS magnetic field
  • High throughput


  • Media manufacturers
  • Software duplicators
  • Data processing centers
  • 3480 processors and users
  • Diskette processors
  • Data security departments
  • Audio broadcasters
  • Government security users
  • Military security
  • TV broadcasters
  • Media reprocessors
  • Corporate security departments

Media Erased:

  • 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" diskettes
  • Box of 10 diskettes
  • IBM 3480, 3490 and 3490e cartridges
  • Magnus cartridges 1.5 GB, 2.0 GB, 3.0 GB and 5.0 GB
  • Travan cartridges TR3, TR4 and TR5
  • VHS, S-VHS, U-Matic, 8mm VHS videotape cartridges
  • U-Matic cartridges
  • Betacam, Beta SP, MII Betacam SC and Digital Betacam
  • DLT tape TK50, TK70, TK75, TK85 and TK88
  • D1, D2, D3 and D5 small and medium
  • R-Dat, Digital Beta, VHS Digital, DVC Pro and Digital S
  • DataCartridges DC300, DC450, DC6xx and DC 9xxx

Erasure Depth: -75dB on 1500 Oe tape, -80dB on 750 Oe tape

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Operational Voltage: 240/220 volts 50Hz, 208/220 volts 60Hz

Current Rating: up to 30 amps

Dimensions: Height: 19.0" (482mm), Width: 44.5" (1130mm), Depth: 20.5" (520mm)

Weight: 209lbs(95kg)

Belt Speed: Variable 0 - 17 ips

Belt Width: 6" (152mm)

Warranty: 12 months back to base, all parts and labor included.
Please call Athana for Extended Warranty and Comprehensive on site cover options.

Purchase Price $13,999.00
Shipping $290.00

Please note that shipping in the contiguous United States will be an additional charge of $290.00. As international shipping and non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a quote for your location upon receipt of your order.

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