Athana International

V85 Magnetic Media Degaussing Wand 

Department of Defense Certified

The V85 Magnetic Media Degaussing Wand safely and effectively erases a wide range of magnetic media. It can be used to degauss drum type memory, disk drives, disk packs, multi-platter disk packs, flexible disks, and any other flat surface magnetic memory.

This degaussing wand is certified by the Department of Defense. It is a multi-polar design, which insures minimum flux levels of 6,000 gauss, as well as full hysteresis of all magnetic states.  It requires no external power source.

A separate magnetic shield is provided for safe and protective storage of the degaussing wand when not in use.



Media erased:



Purchase Price $1,195.00
Shipping $19.95
Erasure -90dB
Duty Cycle 100%


1.5 inches

4 cm


7.5 inches

19 cm


.2 inches

.5 cm


1 lb

.5 kg


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