Athana International

V862C Diskbuster

The Diskbuster has been developed to meet the needs of software producers, duplicators and computer departments who require a high volume, high speed and yet reasonably priced degausser that is capable of operating continuously. The Diskbuster will erase over 10,000 disks per hour yet remains compact, lightweight and inexpensive.

The powerful, lightweight and compact V862C will automatically erase diskettes with a feed hopper and collection chute. Remove the hoppers and guide and the conveyor belt is ready to accept 5 1/4" diskettes, QIC cartridges, IBM and DEC cartridges and compact cassettes.

The V862C automatic conveyor degausser will easily fit on a desk or table top without the need for special power requirements. For ease of handling of 3 1/2" diskettes, feed and collection hoppers are available. Fifty diskettes are loaded into the hopper and automatically fed one at a time over the degaussing coils. Diskettes can be constantly loaded without switching the machine off. Forced air cooling permits 24 hour a day, seven day a week continuous operation.



Media Erased:


Purchase Price $3,995.00
Shipping $97.00
Gauss 1200
Erasure -80dB
Duty Cycle 100%
Throughput 10,000
Belt Speed 10 ips


11 5/8 inches

120 mm


30.5 inches

775 mm


4.75 inches

120 mm


48 lbs

22 kg


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