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Model V870 Vid-Pro Degausser

The model V870 Vid-Pro Degausser is a low-cost, high quality, high performance belt tape transport eraser for all data processing users that is designed to degauss 4mm and 8mm metal-particle tape cartridges.The V870 also erases 3480/3490 data cartridges, 1/4" data cartridges, 3 1/2" floppy disks, video cassettes and Travan data cartridges, as well as Beta, U-Matic and S-VHS cartridges.

The tape transportation system, moving at 10 inches per second, erases one cassette or data cartridge in less than a second. This is more than 2500 units in one hour, based on the minimum 40 minutes per hour run time.

All media is carried on the belt transport system, passing over two powerful coils configured in a "V" shape. This dual coil configuration processes the media with two separate fields, thus ensuring a smooth, effective and thorough erasure.

The V870 degausser has standard built-in safety features, including automatic thermal control, high-speed cooling fans and heavy-duty circuit breakers.



Media Erased:  


Purchase Price $3,495.00
Shipping $95.00
Gauss 2750
Erasure -75dB
Duty Cycle 66%
Throughput 1700
Belt Speed 10 ips


11.25 inches

285 mm


30.5 inches

775 mm


4.75 inches

120 mm


48 lbs

22 kg


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