Athana International

V88 Appian Type II Degausser

NSA Approved

The V88 Appian Type II degausser complies with specification L14-4-A and DOD Manual 5200.28M for erasure of Type II magnetic media. It meets the meets Extended Range Degausser requirements to erase to -90 dB S-VHS format media having coercivity of 900 oersted.

It features new technology that provides the fastest erasure of today's magnetic media. In just 22 seconds the V88 will erase 750 oersted media to -90 dB. Its continuous duty operation allows bulk degaussing of large quantities of media.

The V88 will erase a wide variety of today's most popular media, including S-VHS, 8 mm and 3480 cartridges, and is conveniently operated from a standard 120 VAC wall outlet. Plus, its compact design can be mounted in a standard 19 inch rack or it is available as a table top unit with an optional steel cabinet.



Media Erased:


Purchase Price $13,500.00
Shipping Quote
Gauss 4000
Erasure -90dB
Duty Cycle 100%
Throughput 180
Belt Speed N/A


19.7 inches

50 mm


27 inches

68.6 mm


13 inches

33 mm


193 lbs

87.6 kg


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