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Athana International

V89 Cambrian Eraser

NSA Approved

The V89 Cambrian Automatic Magnetic Tape Degausser is designed to erase recorded signals and noise signals. One-half inch tape and one inch tape on standard or precision reels up to 16 inches in diameter are accepted by the standard unit. It also accepts NARTB/EIA or equivalent reels with inside hub diameters of 3 inches.

The tape reel to be demagnetitized is placed on a degausser pedestal, a slide-mounted drawer within an acoustical housing. The drawer is closed, and machine operation is totally automatic. The tape rotates on the hub through a powerful electro magnetic field and the degaussing coils are energized.

After two revolutions, the tape begins to withdraw from the degaussing field by the automatic opening of the pedestal drawer. When the drawer reaches its starting position, the degaussing coils are deenergized and the drive motor stops. A line current indicator is located on the front panel to permit users to visually monitor the level of current indicating uniform erasure.

Several options are available with the automatic degausser. The coils are repositioned to accommodate two inch wide tape with a maximum flange diameter of 16 inches. All hub styles are available, including IBM, NAB, Univac, Honeywell, and Video. The unit has available options permitting it to degauss floppy disks, Phillips cassettes, and 3M cartridges.



Media Erased:


Purchase Price $2,995.00
Shipping $99.00
Gauss 2000
Erasure -90dB
Duty Cycle 100%
Throughput 80
Belt Speed N/A


17 inches



19 9/16 inches



9 inches



87 lbs



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