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V890 Video Production Tape Eraser

The V890 has been designed to provide VHS Duplicators with an effective high speed conveyor solution to erasing needs.

For increased production capability, the V890 has been designed with a 7.5" wide belt, enabling VHS cassettes to be erased sideways thus increasing throughput by a massive 1.8 times.

With a conveyor belt speed of 12 ips, this gives an impressive throughput of over 10,000 VHS cassettes per hour.

The cassettes are placed onto the moving conveyor belt and carried over two degaussing coils that are oriented at 90 degrees to one another in a "V" formation.

Thermal detection units continuously monitor each degaussing coil turning on the cooling fans to ensure the correct operating temperature for continuous operation 24 hours a day.

The power requirements are 220/250 VAC; 50Hz or 110/125 VAC; 60Hz at 10 amps.



Media Erased:


Purchase Price $5,999.00
Shipping Quote
Gauss 3100
Erasure -80dB
Duty Cycle 100%
Throughput 10,000
Belt Speed 12 ips


18.1 inches

460 mm


48.9 inches

1241 mm


6.9 inches

175 mm


220 lbs

100 kg


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