Athana International

V94 Midigausser 

Designed to provide cost effective erasure for a variety of common video and data magnetic media formats, the V94 is the machine for professionals in the duplicating, production, voice logging and instrumentation recording industries who require a low cost, compact eraser to handle small to medium quantities of cassettes, cartridge or tapes.

Operation is simple and safe and is achieved by sliding cassettes, using the guide bar, or rotating tape reels over the degausser's surface. This provides effective erasure of any previously recorded tracks.

The V94 has an automatic, thermally controlled cooling fan, allowing the machine to be used to erase large batches of media. Additional electrical safety is provided by a main supply fuse.

The operational voltage on this machine is 220/240 VAC; 50 Hz or 115/208 VAC; 60 Hz at 1.8 amps.




Media Erased:


Purchase Price $1,295.00
Shipping $75.00
Gauss 2650
Erasure -75dB
Duty Cycle 40%
Throughput 180
Belt Speed N/A


13.9 inches

353 mm


14.3 inches

363 mm


4.5 inches

114 mm


23 lbs

10.5 kg


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