V97 17 Inch Belt-Driven Degausser

The V97 17 Inch Belt-Driven Degausser has been specially designed for media manufacturers and duplicators who need a continuous, conveyor operated video and audio pancake eraser.

Capable of continuous 24 hour a day operation if required, it can handle high volumes of pancakes up to 17" (432mm) in diameter and a maximum tape width of up to 1/2". VHS cassettes can also be processed in two lines across the belt. The 17" wide conveyor belt transports the media across the powerful erasure fields needing only two passes to completely erase a full-size pancake.

  • Wide Belt
  • Continuous Duty 24 Hours A Day
  • Erases Pancakes Up To 17 Inches in Diameter
  • Fast One Pass Operation
  • High Throughput
  • Easy to Operate

  • Data processing departments
  • Hard disk drive erasure
  • Independent companies
  • Military security departments
  • Government
  • Financial and banking institutions
Media Erased:

  • Audio and Video Pancakes up to 17 inches in diameter
  • Max 1/2 inch wide tape up to 850 Oe
  • Cassettes: VHS, Beta, Betacam,Compact
  • Cassettes: Scotchcart, DAT, 8mm, S-VHS (2pass), U-Matic, (2pass), U-Matic SP (2 pass)
  • Cartridges: 3480 & 3490 Cartridges,TK50, 70 Cartridges,QIC 300/600,1000/2000

Erasure Depth: -80dB on VHS

10,000 VHS per hour 60Hz, 8,300 VHS per hour 50Hz

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Operational Voltage: 220/250vac 50Hz, 110-125vac 60Hz

Current Rating:
10 amps type

Dimensions: Height: 6.9" (175mm), Width: 18.1" (460mm), Depth: 48.9" (1,241mm)

220lbs (100kg)

Belt Speed: 50Hz 10 ips, 60Hz 12 ips

Belt Width: 7.5" (190.5mm)

Warranty: 12 months back to base, all parts and labor included.

Purchase Price $7,339.00
Shipping $150.00

Please note that shipping in the contiguous United States will be an additional charge of $150.00. As international shipping and non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a quote for your location upon receipt of your order.

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