Athana International Dr. Degauser
Why Degauss 8 mm Magnetic Tape?
What does an expert say?
We strongly recommend that these 8 mm tapes are not used for any more than 15 hours, and that the end user NEVER OVERWRITE the tapes, but rather DEGAUSS the tapes prior to reuse. The reason for this is that on an overwrite software command, the tape drive will ignore any previous data as if it were not there. Since the data written by the helical scan drives is written at an angle across the tape, and since it will ignore any existing data, the new data will likely be written on tracks placed slightly differently than where the old data tracks were located. This means there will be an increased likelihood of residual data from the old data set remaining on the tape. Such residual data, especially after two or more overwrites on the same tape, will significantly reduce the data integrity by creating jumbled or unclear magnetic data patterns for the tape head and drive to properly interpret.

Thus, it is extremely important to DEGAUSS the tapes prior to re-use. A separate degaussing unit will be far more powerful than the erase head contained within the unit, and will measure the complete and full erasure of any residual data which otherwise would exist. Degaussers come in many sizes and strengths, including convenient hand held models which are the most useful for the end user. Whichever model is chosen, they represent a good investment.

Presented by

SPRAGUE MAGNETICS, INC. at the July 1994 T.H.I.C. Conference, San Jose, California

Gary Moore is the Vice President of Operations of SPRAGUE MAGNETICS, INC. and is responsible for the entire repair department, including overseeing and directing the development of all new repair product lines. SPRAGUE MAGNETICS has been repairing all types of digital and analog tape heads for over 15 years, and has been repairing computer tape drives for over four years. SPRAGUE MAGNETICS now offers a replacement head wheel for the 8 mm computer tape drive, and is repairing both the 8 mm and 4 mm head wheels, as well as thin film tape heads. Darrell Sprague, one of the principals of SPRAGUE MAGNETICS, was one of the first to successfully offer quality reconditioning of digital tape heads.

Reproduced and distributed with permission from Gary Moore of Sprague Magnetics, Inc.



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